Physiology Program Research Faculty

Program Director/Department Chair: Barry Knox, PhD

  • Timothy Damron, MD
    Research Interests: Radioprotectant strategies: pediatric growth plate. Treatment of Fractures in Pathology Bone, Reconstructive Alternatives: Limb-Sparing Sarcoma Surgery, Genetics of Pagetoid Osteosarcoma
  • Brian Howell, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Research Interests: The signal transduction events that regulate the functional organization of neurons in the brain, and the phenotypes caused by defects in the genes that encode these signaling molecules.
  • Huaiyu Hu, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Research Interests: Molecular studies of brain malformations.
  • Kenneth Mann, PhD
    Research Interests: Micro-mechanics of implant interfaces; damage evolution of joint replacements and biomaterials; in vivo models of tumor osteolysis and prediction of fracture risk; general orthopedic biomechanics.
  • Russell Matthews, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Research Interests: Role of glycoproteins in oncogenesis and brain development
  • Frank Middleton, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Research Interests:

    Molecular basis of cortical-basal ganglia and cortical-cerebellar circuit formation and dysfunction in neurological and psychiatric disease.

  • Brad Motter, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Research Interests: Visual Neurophysiology; Visual Attention; Visual Search Behavior
  • Eric Olson, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Research Interests: Cellular and molecular mechanisms of cerebral cortex development.
  • Lori Ploutz-Snyder, PhD
    Associate Professor
  • Joseph Spadaro, PhD
    Research Interests:

    Electromagnetic and mechanical regulation of bone physiology;
    Bone density and osteoporosis;
    Skeletal irradiation effects;

  • Mary Lou Vallano, PhD
    Research Interests: Neuronal survival and development.
  • Ruth Weinstock, MD, PhD
    Distinguished Service Professor
    Research Interests: Diabetes and its complications, lipid disorders, obesity, metabolism, metabolic bones diseases including osteoporosis