Location and Facilities

Our Headquarters

The Neurology Department's main offices are in University Hospital, which, together with the Syracuse VA Medical Center, are located at the periphery of downtown Syracuse and a few blocks from the large campus of Syracuse University, which sits on a hill overlooking the downtown.

Hospital units

The neurology department shares four-bed, two-bed, and (one) single-bed rooms on a large "floor" with the neurosurgery department in University Hospital. Veterans Hospital has a 25-bed wing for neurology. University Hospital holds a clinical and research laboratory for electromyography, nerve-conduction, and evoked-potentials, an EEG lab, an epilepsy center with special patient rooms for combined electroencephalographic and television monitoring of patients, a neuro-ophthalmology suite, and research laboratories for neurovirology-neuroimmunology. The Department's clinical needs are well-supported by the neuroradiology and neurosurgical departments.

Neuroscience Medical Surgical Unit (9G)

9G is the 19-bed Neuroscience Medical-Surgical unit that provides care for patients who have undergone complex neurosurgical procedures as well as trauma. The unit also cares for a wide range of neurology diagnoses including sroke and migraine, and has telemetry monitoring capability for 16 patients.

Neuroscience Step-down (9E)

The Neuroscience Step-down unit is a 7-bed combination step-down, stroke and epilepsy monitoring unit. This unit is the primary support for patients admitted with newly diagnosed stroke in need of emergent TPA administration. All beds have state-of-the-art monitoring capability.

Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit (9F)

The Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit is a state-of-the-art 8-bed neuroscience intensive care unit. 9F is the only Neuro ICU in Syracuse. The unit cares for critically ill patients who have sustained neurological trauma, injury and/or complex elective procedures. Common patient diagnoses include subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), brain tumors, subdural hematoma (SDH), epidural hematoma (EDH), and stroke.

Neurology Out-Patient Clinics

These are located 3 blocks away from University Hospital, at the University Health Care Center, a modern, well-equipped building. Here, patients are treated by the residents under the supervision of the faculty. Most of the neurology faculty see their private patients in offices in the clinic area.