Applicants must apply via electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS External Icon) Applicants must have passed USMLE Steps I and II. Those achieving three digit scores at or above 220 on USMLE Step I and a three digit score at or above 230 on USMLE Step II are given the strongest consideration. International graduates must have some US clinical experience with related letters of reference. In addition, we look for USMLE passage on the first attempt for all steps.

The following documents must be submitted through ERAS:

  • Medical and graduate school transcripts
  • Deans letter and two additional letters of reference.
  • Official USMLE transcript
  • Curriculum vita
  • Personal statement
  • A valid ECFMG certificate if medical school completed outside of the U.S

Applications are reviewed beginning September 15. The application deadline is November 1. Interviews are scheduled from late October through early January. Please apply to both Advanced Neurology and Preliminary Internal Medicine.