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Moderate Sedation:

Post-graduate trainees desiring credentials in Moderate Sedation must provide proof of current ACLS or PALS certification, must view a video, document five confirmed cases, and successfully complete the Moderate Sedation post-test. The video can be viewed and the post-test taken by clicking the link below.

  1. Please review the Moderate (Conscious) Sedation Packet PDF document
  2. Complete the Moderate Sedation Post-Test.
  3. Moderate Sedation Video (uses Windows Media Player to view).
  4. Please note: You must complete and fax this Moderate Sedation Video Attestation to our office at (315) 464-8524 to receive credit for veiwing the Moderate Sedation video.

Infection Control Self-Study Syllabus

  1. Please review the Infection Control Self-Study Syllabus. PDF document
  2. Complete the Post-Test for Infection Control Training Program:

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