Who's Who in the EPO—Dr. Avneet Singh

Avneet Singh
Dr. Avneet Singh
Chief Resident, 2011–2012
Internal Medicine

Hi—I'm Avneet... Congratulations and a very very warm welcome to all the new members of our 'Medicine' family!! It wasn't very long back that I was where you are—excited, apprehensive…emotions bursting at the seams…but it's just amazing how it's turned out to be such a pleasant initiation and a journey beyond, as a resident. I want you all to know that we're all here to help in whatever way we can and make you feel comfortable and at home as you get initiated into what is probably one of the most important professional endeavors you all have undertaken so far.

Spring is around the corner, July's almost here—I'm really excited to meet you all, work with you all and enjoy with you all!

Once again, congratulations and welcome!