Renting vs. Buying Tips


Due to the fact that housing is so affordable in the Syracuse area, we often get questions about “Renting vs Buying”.

We have provided here many options for apartment living. That works great for most people, especially during the first year. However, in an effort to provide as many options as possible, and as much relocation advice as possible, we recently approached Aspect Real Estate and Consulting to enlist their assistance in this area. They have provided an informational cheat sheet to help you determine what would work best for you. Feel free to contact them for further information.

As a licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Deborah Killian is able to offer some preliminary advice in this area. However, due to the high demands of her job as the Residency Program Administrator, she has enlisted the help of Aspect Real Estate and Consulting to handle house staff transactions. She has worked hard to develop a working relationship with Aspect, ensuring that they understand the “resident” lifestyle and demands. They have assured me that anyone referred to them will be provided the utmost attention, understanding and flexibility, given the unusual working demands of a resident. They are excited to welcome you to the Syracuse area.