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Dr. Knohl welcomes the Intern Class 2011-2012
Interns 2011-2012
Dr. Kaul welcomes the Intern Class of 2010-2011
Nice view of Syracuse from Weiskotten Hall
Drs. Landsberg and Kaul welcome Sidharth Jogani
Paula Campion and Sally Melton welcome the Intern Class 2011-2012
Drs. Landsberg, Knohl, Iannuzzi and Gajra
Dr. Khanna and Deb Killian welcome the Intern Class 2011-2012

Welcome Reception

As a celebration of the arrival of the new interns, we host a Welcome Reception. The interns and a guest are invited to join the Department of Medicine Faculty and Chief Residents for a Cocktail Reception in the dining room on the 9th Floor of Weiskotten Hall. This is done during Orientation Week so the interns get a chance to meet some of the faculty prior to starting their rotations. The atmosphere is relaxed and the view of the city is amazing. Everyone has a great time!!