Salary Verification Letter

As you arrive, buy a car, look for an apartment, or sign up for utilities, it is common for establishments to request a letter verifying your employment. Please take a moment and provide the information below. This request will be received by Paula and/or Sally in the EPO and your request will be processed in a timely fashion.

The typical letter will include salary information and will confirm dates of training on your current contract.

If no fax or pick up information is provided, the letter will be mailed via US Mail to the name and address of the recipient provided.

In most cases, we can process the letter within 2448 hours, and we ask that you be patient with the process.

Request Form

General instructions:

  • The Name field should contain what should appear on the letter.
  • In the Specific Instructions field, please include any specific information that must be included in the content of the letter.
  • If this letter needs to be faxed to the recipient, please provide the recipient's fax number, including area code.
  • If you prefer to pick the letter up in person and deliver it yourself, please provide us with instructions on how best to contact you when the letter is ready in the Letter Pick Up field.

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