We would like to offer some tips and advice for you regarding groceries, furniture, and shopping in general. Please note that many residents have offered suggestions, but the suggestions are not intended to mean that other venues not mentioned are in any way less desirable.


Wegmans, Wegmans, Wegmans!!!! This is unanimously the suggestion when it comes to grocery shopping. There are other grocery food chains in the area, such as Price Chopper or P & C Foods.

If you want to purchase items in bulk form or in larger quantities, you may purchase a membership at BJ’s Wholesale Club or Sam’s Club. You can also get additional member services at Wholesale Clubs, such as reduced price gasoline, etc.


There are some great inexpensive choices for purchasing furniture. First, and foremost, ask around and watch your emails for sales from graduating house staff. Some of the best deals come from those that need to relocate and do not want the expense of moving their larger items.

Most of the larger local furniture retailers, such as Raymour & Flanigan, Dunk & Bright, China Towne, etc. have “bargain” areas or “clearance” centers. Some are part of the store, and some are in separate locations, for example Raymour & Flanigan Syracuse Clearance Center.

Keep in mind that many household items can be purchased at local department stores, such as JC Penney, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc. Another great bargain source is Marshall’s or TJ Maxx, who offer name brands at a fraction of the cost. These places are great for accent furniture and house wares.


There are many shopping malls within the immediate Syracuse area:

  • Carousel Mall
  • Shoppingtown Mall
  • Great Northern Mall

For those that prefer outlet malls, you can make a trip to Waterloo Prime Outlet Mall, which is located about 45 minutes West on the Thruway in Waterloo.