Spouse/Family Support Program

We believe that family is very important. In order to assist those of you with families, we are working to revive our Spouse/Family Support Program. The idea of this program is to offer venues and encourage family members the opportunity to get together, with or without the residents that are enrolled in our program.

In the past we have asked interested parties to attend an initial meeting, for the purpose of introductions and to share common interests. The Welcome Picnic offers an excellent chance to meet and greet and learn which residents are married, which residents have children, etc however there is so much going on and it goes by so quickly, it is difficult to rely on just this venue.

Our goal is to try to arrange a few functions throughout the year to encourage interaction between family members of our housestaff. We invite spouses and children of our current housestaff to attend and share information with spouses and families that are new to the area, and to the Upstate Family!

We have a few ideas to get us started, but encourage anyone interested to share some suggestions for future meetings, events. For example, the adults can form a once a month Movie Night, or Book Club, or even a Lunch Club, which would come in handy to try out some local restaurants! For those with families, we can arrange several outings and play dates from a picnic lunch at Onondaga Park, to an afternoon of bowling or even a nice day of hiking at one of our local parks. Due to the 4 seasons that Upstate New York has to offer, the possibilities are endless!

We hope that you are as excited to take part in this program as we are to offer it. Please take a moment to fill out the form below. We will gather information from interested parties and keep you posted on upcoming events. The information requested below will assist us in planning events, so please offer as much information as possible.

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