Amritpal  Nat
Amritpal Nat

Amritpal Nat

Hometown/place of birth: Smithfield, North Carolina

Medical school and location: Medical University of Lublin, Poland

Special interests and future plans: After my three years of Internal Medicine, I plan on doing a fellowship in either GI or Oncology. I also want to write a review book for the boards and one day be able to write questions for the USMLE.

Interests/hobbies outside of medicine: I love to play sports, such as basketball and golf. I played basketball competitively all my life & played golf 3 years in college. I also like to play instruments such as the punjabi dhol. I also enjoy being in the kitchen & cooking. Not to mention, going to the movies, hanging out with friends, and anything that results in laughs and having a great time, I will be there!

Languages spoken, other than English: Punjabi

Why you decided to come to our program: I decided to come to SUNY Upstate because I wanted to come to a University program that offers a great blend of clinical experience and research opportunities. The program has excellent fellowship programs particularly the Heme/Onc Department, which I am interested in. Syracuse is a lively college town with a variety of recreational activities and also has a low cost of living. I wanted to have a grasp on my skills and fundamentals as a clinician and that why I ultimately came to SUNY Upstate.