Umbreen Arshad
Umbreen Arshad

Umbreen Arshad (Breen, Bree, Breezy)

Hometown/place of birth: Multan, Pakistan

Medical school and location: St. George's University

Special interests and future plans: I LOVE heme/onc, but nothing is set in lets see if any other speciality changes my mind!

Interests/hobbies outside of medicine: Shopping, Scrapbooking, Traveling, Cooking and eating amazing food, Listening to music and dancing, sleeping, being in the sun at the beach and of course spending time with my family and friends!

Languages spoken, other than English: Urdu, Punjabi

Why you decided to come to our program: ew season. Upstate offered an excellent program and environment where I could see myself thriving as a resident. I have full confidence that I will leave this program being an amazing doctor and that is my ultimate goal. Also, it didn’t hurt that they also happened to have a cold stone right in the hospital, sounds like a dream come true to me!