Wajihuddin Syed
Wajihuddin Syed

Wajihuddin Syed (Waji)

Hometown/place of birth: Hyderabad, India

Medical school and location: Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad, India

Special interests and future plans: I haven't decided on any fellowships yet, but I would love to work in the field of preventive medicine. I really like teaching and I wish to look back a few years from now and feel content that I have contributed to the society as a proficient and caring physician, and to my fellow physicians as a good teacher.

Interests/hobbies outside of medicine: I like travelling, swimming, playing cricket and soccer.

Languages spoken, other than English: Hindi and Telugu

Why you decided to come to our program: Among all the programs I interviewed at, Upstate stood out as the best program for me. It offers strong clinical training, excellent academic atmosphere and ample research opportunities. The faculty here is outstanding and Dr. Knohl, the program director, keeps the program dynamic, always striving towards excellence and that is what makes Upstate so unique. The beautiful landscape and the snowy weather of Syracuse is the cherry on top!