Core Competencies

The following document is an important description of learning objectives and milestones for residents at different levels of training based on the six core competencies:

Transitions of Care

Transitions of care, if not given due diligence, are associated with adverse events and/or near misses. It is our responsibility as clinicians to ensure that patient care/safety is always given the highest priority. It is, thus, imperative that measures are taken by EPO to ensure that signouts and/or handoffs are performed such that patient safety is assured and the rules of the ACGME (as outlined below) are followed.

ACGME Rules Regarding Supervision

These learning objectives are collected for the convenience of our residents and faculty and are intended to allow for rapid review of expectations at different levels of training.  Please note that the stated objectives should never limit our achievement expectations.  Residents at all levels of training should strive to continuously improve their competency in the diverse skills that define excellence for internists. All clinical activities are supervised by faculty with direct supervision being required for all non-credentialed housestaff procedures and indirect supervision being required for all other housestaff clinical responsibilities.