Lost Alumni

Listed below are lost alumni in class order. If you know the whereabouts of any of the following alumni, would you please complete the missing alumni form and mail, fax or e-mail it to the Alumni Foundation. We greatly appreciate your assistance.

Class of 1934
Charles Reeves

Class of 1939
Charles W. Robertson

Class of 1940
Joseph Ruva

Class of 1943
Robert L. Griffith

Class of 1944
Harry M. Bell

Class of 1946
Marjorie Greene

Class of 1955
Antonio O. Rivera

Class of 1958
Eugene Frank
Norman Solomon

Class of 1959
Rita Hottenrott
Raymond Rosen

Class of 1960
Richard Dodd

Class of 1961
Arnold Lilien
Peter Pender
Robert C. Rubin
John T. Watson

Class of 1963
Bruce Stewart
Raymond Zimmerman

Class of 1967
Robert J. Miller

Class of 1968
Albert Hausfather
Barry Joseph

Class of 1970
Anthony Tam
James Vogeney

Class of 1971
Robert O. Knapp

Class of 1972
Deyan Popovic

Class of 1973
Richard L. Harris

Class of 1974
Ira C. Berman
Elmer B. Brooks
Barry Herman
Edith M. Russell

Class of 1975
Jeffrey Askanazi
Jonathon Kelly
Norman Quan

Class of 1977
Coleen Austin

Class of 1979
Mary Hom

Class of 1981
Ronald Fischer
Anita Gerhard

Class of 1983
Lori Goffner

Class of 1984
Susan Berger
Charles Miller

Class of 1985
Joseph Kam Chiu

Class of 1987
Andrea Johnson

Class of 1988
John Ribaudo

Class of 1991
Joanne M. Delpozzo

Class of 1995
John Kasper

Class of 1996
Ju Cho

Class of 1998
Berna Hernandez

Class of 1999
Paul Holota

Class of 2000
Karen Paradies

Class of 2001

Andrew Xist

Class of 2003

Patrick W Joasil

Class of 2004
Sarah Armstrong
David Huang

Class of 2005
Aleksandra Ciszewski
David Light
Jennie O'Brien

Class of 2006
Brian Chase
Leslie Donnelly
Zachariah George
Kevin Lam

Class of 2007
Payam Amini
Melissa Coll
Babak Khamsi
Lindsay Sitbr
Sathya Theodore
Donna A. Whyte

Class of 2008
Darren Alexson
Vijay Davuluri
Jonathan Teubl

Class of 2009
Oliver Masaba
Crystal Thomas

Class of 2011
Peter Colbert
Ali Ebrahimi
Godfred Eyiah-Mensah
Stephanie Humber
Angelina Phillips
Janne Rand

Class of 2012
Wossen Belachew
Maegan Boulerice
Amit Desai
Muhammad Faruqi
Tigist Mehari
Jun Park
Chirag Patel
Danielle Williams

Class of 2013
Peter Costa
John Wu