2003 Scholarship Recipient

Joseph F. Scordino, MD, 2004

Joseph Scordino, MD

Joseph F. Scordino's Winning Essay

I have always been a person who likes to build and fix things. When I was a kid I would play for hours with Lego's building huge housing developments. As I grew older, I enjoyed the problem solving used in engineering. I was fortunate enough to work as a design engineer in a small company where I could design a part and then go to the tool room to use the lathe and mill to manufacture the part. I enjoyed using my hands to fix a problem after envisioning the solution. In medical school it was only natural that I would be guided towards surgery. Surgery is a fantastic field in which I can make a significant difference in someone's life. I relish the opportunity to use my hands and problem solving skills to determine the problem and then fix the problem.

I feel I will make a strong addition to a residency team. I have a willingness to devote myself to finishing a project completely and thoroughly. For example, while working for a medical device company as a design engineer, for a 1 month period I slept, showered and lived on the floor of a factory to finish a project on time. I have applied this same passion of commitment to doing a job right to the patients I have cared for during my clinical rotations. I have been recognized for this commitment in my strong evaluations and my junior year selection to the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. More importantly, I have seen the heartfelt gratitude of my patients.

I grew up in the small town of Apalachin, NY. Apalachin is a friendly town in which everyone knows everyone. I was raised in a tight know Italian family. I attended Wilkes University for my undergraduate degree and was enrolled in the Guthrie Scholars Rural Medical care program. This program was devoted to returning physicians to rural areas after they finished their training. After finishing this program I solidified my decision to return to a small town after my medical training is over. I enjoy the small town environment and the opportunity to bump into the patients I treat at say the local coffee shop. I seek a residency program that will provide a solid teaching foundation by both faulty and residents and a broad clinical and surgical experience. I welcome the opportunity for clinical research during my training. I want to work with people who are also passionate about their work and are well rounded in their lifestyles. Most importantly, I want a program that fosters a team atmosphere where faculty and residents work together for the patient's welfare.

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