2008 Scholarship Recipient

Christopher M. Jones, MD, 2009

Christopher M. Jones, MD

Christopher M. Jones' Winning Essay

It was a Wednesday afternoon this past January when I witnessed the connection. Friends of mine joke that surgeons just cut, never truly getting to know or understand their patients and if I am looking for "continuity of care" then I should try a different medical field, such as family or internal medicine. When I saw him sit on the side of the examining table, gently place his hand on the shoulder of the man, and reassure him that they would get through this together, I knew that my friends were wrong. That 70-year-old prostate cancer survivor had recently been told by his Oncologist that there now appeared to be a tumor in his liver; leaving he and his wife, both recently retired, devastated. They came to clinic that day, apprehensively, for a surgical consultation and left the office with a renewed sense of hope that there was a good chance they would make it through this and enjoy their "golden years" together.

Surgeons are blessed with the ability to connect with their patients on the most intimate level one can imagine, as patients relinquish their conscious control on the operating table. They hone their knowledge of anatomical relationships in order to excel under the warm, bright light of the operating room. Like many aspiring surgeons I hope that one day someone thinks of me as having gifted hands but I know that the truly "gifted" surgeons are not necessarily the ones who have only mastered anatomical relationships. Rather, it is more about the development of the interpersonal relationships with your patients and being able to place one of your hands on their shoulder and reassure them that you will get through this time together. I will continue to strive to not only bring the expected excellence in manual dexterity to this field, but also to create strong and trusting relationships with all of my patients.

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