About the Setnors

Rose and Jules R. Setnor, MD '35 Stanford S. Setnor, MD '35
Rose and Jules R. Setnor, MD '35 Stanford S. Setnor, MD '42

The Setnors' connection to SUNY Upstate comes by way of Syracuse University. Both Jules Setnor and Stanford Setnor earned medical degrees from Syracuse University's Medical College in 1935 and 1942, respectively. Syracuse University's Medical College was acquired by the State University of New York in 1950. Rose Setnor, who earned a degree from Syracuse University in 1933, married Jules Setnor at the end of his second year in medical school.

The gift to SUNY Upstate is the second significant gift the Setnors have given to area educational institutions. In 1997, the Setnors made a gift to Syracuse University to support scholarships for undergraduate students in the School of Music, which now bears their name.
The Rose and Jules R. Setnor, MD '35 and Stanford S. Setnor, MD '42 Academic Building will enhance available teaching space at SUNY Upstate and enable the university to strengthen its curriculum in areas that require specialized teaching space.