Current Students

Daniel Tylee

Daniel Tylee

PhD (2nd year)

Department: Neuroscience & Physiology
Advisor: Stephen Glatt, PhD

Research Interests

Year Matriculated: 2012

Why MD/PhD: These programs provide a broad basis for understanding normal organ function, disease processes and the current state of clinical medicine; as such they provide an excellent framework for conducting research with potential translational impact.

Why Upstate: I found an extremely good match in a research mentor here at Upstate.

Research Interests: (1) Psychiatric genetics and functional genomics. (2) The identification of clinically useful biomarkers for diagnosis, prognostication, treatment selection and adverse drug reactions. (3) The role of immunologic signaling molecules/cascades in neurodevelopment and functioning of the adult central nervous system. (4) Bioinformatics and machine learning classification.

Research Projects:
(1) Blood-based gene expression biomarkers of post-traumatic stress disorder and autism.
(2) Blood and brain-based gene expression studies of schizophrenia.
(3) Genetic subgroup discovery and classification in Autism.
(4) Genetic variants associated with resilience to psychiatric disorders.

Extracurricular Hobbies:
Live music, soccer, golf, weight training, gardening, wine and cheese sampling.