Current Students—Petya Radoeva

Petya Radoeva


Department: Neuroscienc & Physiology
Advisor: Wendy Kates, PhD

Research Interests

I'm interested in studying social cognition in adolescents with velocardiofacial syndrome (VCFS; 22q11.2 deletion syndrome), and associations with genetic variations and white matter structure.


Petya is the recipient of a Dennis Weatherstone pre-doctoral Fellowship from Autism Speaks. The title of her project is "Social Cognition in 22q11.2 DS Adolescent with ASD vs. without ASD: imaging and Genetic Correlates."

Hans Kim

Hans Kim

Dr. Arthur Kornberg (a Nobel prize winner in medicine in 1959) once said, "basic research is the lifeline of medicine." And if I could extend his comment, I would add, "and publication is the lifeline of medical research." I think publishing one's work serves two important roles. The first is to communicate your work to the larger scientific community, and the second is to serve as a landmark for the completion of one aspect of your work, thus providing direction for the future scientific work. As a future physician scientist here at Upstate, I have numerous opportunities to get involved in activities and trainings to improve our skills needed for publications.

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