Support Services

Upstate is proud of its reputation as a supportive academic institution. Everyone here—administrators, faculty, staff and your fellow students—recognizes the demands and pressures of medical school and acts accordingly.

Many support systems are in place so that you can succeed and thrive here, not only academically but emotionally and socially as well.

  • The Office of Academic Support Services offers a variety of services and programs, including workshops, academic counseling and peer tutoring.
  • Visit the Students First Support Services for details on the many offices and functions that exist solely to support students.
Rene Choi

Rene Choi

"Upstate's MD/PhD program does a great job bridging the gap between medical bench-side research and clinical application," said Rene Choi, whose research involves developing treatments for retinal diseases. "During our PhD years, we're required every semester to complete a clinical clerkship, where we shadow a physician of our choosing for eight hours a month. I shadowed a retinal surgeon. It was extremely beneficial to understand the disease process from a clinical point of view. I got to watch surgeries in the OR and see how the physician interacts with patients."

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