MD/PhD Program Courses

We offer a curriculum which integrates clinical training with research through the following MD/PhD specific courses:

grand rounds
  • Throughout the course of training, MD/PhD students will take "MD/PhD Grand Rounds: Integrating Clinical Care and the Study of Disease." This course provides a formalized structure for the integration of the medical and graduate components of the MD/PhD training through an individual clinical experience followed by a presentation and discussion involving fellow students.
  • During the second year of Medical School, these students also take a course titled Research Design for Physician Scientists. This course teaches the skills needed to prepare a competitive grant application.
Rene Choi

Rene Choi

"Upstate's MD/PhD program does a great job bridging the gap between medical bench-side research and clinical application," said Rene Choi, whose research involves developing treatments for retinal diseases. "During our PhD years, we're required every semester to complete a clinical clerkship, where we shadow a physician of our choosing for eight hours a month. I shadowed a retinal surgeon. It was extremely beneficial to understand the disease process from a clinical point of view. I got to watch surgeries in the OR and see how the physician interacts with patients."

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