Recent Alumni Residency Matches

2013 Graduates

Rene Choi

Rene Choi

Moran Eye Center - University of Utah
Opthamology Resident

Jacqueline Guterman

Jacqueline Guterman
Detroit Medical Center- Wayne State
OB/GYN Resident

2012 Graduates


Adam Matthew Gerber

NYP Hospital-Columbia University Medical Center
Anesthesiology Resident
Dissertation: Cerebellar Granule Cell Culture As A Model to Examine Glutamate Signaling During CNS Development


Steven D. Hicks
SUNY Upstate Medical University
Pediatric Resident

Dissertation:Ethanol Affects the Balance Between Neural Stem Cell Proliferation and Survival, Initiating the p53-Dependent DNA Damage Response


David J. Lubin
SUNY Upstate Medical University
Diagnostic Radiology
Preliminary year – Internal Medicine at George Washington U.
Dissertation: Oligomerization and the Effects on Folding of p53

Yung Lyou

UC Irvine Medical Center- CA
Internal Medicine Resident

Dissertation: How to Build an Eye:  Identification of the EFTF Targets Driving Eye Field Specification

Akos T. Mersich

U Colorado SOM- Denver
Psychiatry Resident
Dissertation: The Role of Formins in Macrophage Adhesion

Anna J. Nichols

Jackson Memorial FL
Preliminary year St. Joseph’s Hospital, Pediatrics

Dissertation: Splitting the Preplate:  Redefining the Neuronal Response to Reelin During Early Cortical Development

2011 Graduate

  • George Christophi - Barnes-Jewish Hospital / Washington University School of Medicine
    Internal Medicine Physician Scientist Training Program

2010 Graduates

  • David R. Fernández  - NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center
    Internal Medicine Resident
  • Christopher C. Griffith - University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
    Pathology Resident
  • Chad A. Hudson - Post Doctoral Fellow; Internal Medicine Resident at the University of Rochester
  • Rebecca Lynn Lewandowski - University of Rochester Strong Memorial Hospital, Internal Medicine Resident
  • Masashi Ohira - University at Buffalo / The State University of New York
    Family Medicine Resident
  • Jeffrey Peter Ward  - Barnes-Jewish Hospital / Washington University School of Medicine
    Internal Medicine Physician Scientist Training Program

Alumni 2000-2009

Alumni 1990-1999

Becky Lewandowski

Becky Lewandowski

Becky Lewandowski started in the MD/PhD program at SUNY Upstate after earning a bachelor's degree from Colgate University and working as a researcher for the National Institutes of Health and at Harvard Medical School. She earned her PhD in 2008, and her MD in 2010.

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