Specialty Graphics

Special graphics—not to be confused with Upstate logos—are created by Marketing for high-profile, large-scale, long-term programs. Consult with your account liaison to determine need for a special graphic.


Represents Upstate's strategic plan
Represents a nursing initiative
Breast cancer awareness targeted at the 6,000+ attendees at Crunch hockey games.
Represents a College of Medicine initiative.
Created for a fundraiser.
Created for our weekly radio show that airs on NPR-affiliate WRVO.
This special graphic was designed by Marketing for a research facility.
To communicate an electronic method of  donation, Marketing created this special graphic.
This multi-faceted recycling program received its name and a special graphic from Marketing.
Brand colors and typefaces are used to clearly identify these seminars as part of Upstate
A support group received this special graphic, which uses the colors and typefaces of the Upstate brand.
Upstate projects  such as this one which gives patients electronic  access to their health records merits special graphics designed by Marketing.
For this  health and wellness initiative between Pioneer Homes and Upstate, Marketing created a program name and special graphic.
This employee health program had a special graphic created by Marketing.