Logo Apparel Guidelines

Guidelines for Using the Upstate Logo on Apparel

Applying the new Upstate logos to apparel, such as clothing, hats and other accessories, is an excellent way to extend our brand.

The following guidelines will help you in applying the Upstate logos to apparel to achieve the greatest impact.

These guidelines apply to all logos in our brand hierarchy:

  • Do not stretch the logo. Proportions of the Upstate logo must remain the same whether reduced or enlarged.
  • When applied to a T-shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, hat or other apparel, the Upstate logo should be placed so it is easily visible, with ample clear zone around it. No words, designs, logos or images may crowd, overlap, merge or obscure the Upstate logo.
  • The Upstate logo should not be so large that it wraps around an apparel item, or the wearer has to turn so the entire logo is visible.
  • The Upstate logo should never be placed in such a way that it would be divided by a zipper, buttons or other fasteners. It should not be placed across a pocket so that the logo would be divided when the pocket is opened.
  • The Upstate logo cannot be placed in a box or circle or other graphic element that is not part of the official logo.
  • The Upstate logo is a copyrighted image and must not be altered. It may not be shaded, shadowed, screened, used in outline form or filled with a texture or photo.
  • Always use an approved Upstate logo instead of creating your own, and do not use a scanned, recreated, re-proportioned or otherwise modified version of the logo. To obtain an approved Upstate logo, visit the logos page.
  • Do not alter the colors of the logo. Use an approved version of the logo that is most suitable to the background material on which it is placed. For example, the reversed white version may work best on a dark background.
  • The Upstate seal is to be used on official University documents and should not be used on apparel.

We thank you for the important role you play in building our brand and creating awareness of the enormous impact Upstate has in our community. Your help in applying these guidelines consistently will ensure our efforts have the greatest effect possible. If you have any questions about using the new logo on apparel, please contact the Upstate Marketing Department for assistance at 315.464.4836.