Teleconferencing & Distance Learning

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Contact: Rachael A. Kim (Espinoza)
Location: Weiskotten Hall, Room 150
Phone: 315 464-7910
Fax: 315 464-7905

The Teleconferencing and Distance Learning office provides technical service and support for teleconferences via satellite, video, web and audio telephone conferences for groups. Educational Communications provides coordination of events, from finding compatible remote sites around the world to facilitating room reservations and AV set-ups. Training and preparation for participants and presenters is available, as well as coordination of technicians at other participating facilities. Call for more information or a demonstration.

  • Satellite Teleconferences
  • Video Conferences
  • Web Conferences
  • Audio Telephone Conference

Satellite Teleconferences

Teleconferences provided via satellite are "uplinked" to a satellite from a remote site or production facility. The broadcast can then be "downlinked" using an appropriate satellite dish and receiving system. Educational Communications can downlink most teleconferences from C-Band, KU-band, SUNYSat and digital satellite sources, and distribute the TV signal to any of several rooms on campus. Many programs are promoted through flyers, e-mail or fax. If you receive notice about a teleconference that you are interested in viewing, contact Educational Communications after reviewing the following suggestions.

Requesting a satellite teleconference downlink

  1. Getting ready.
    Read the promotion information regarding the teleconference you would like to sponsor. Notice the time and date of broadcast, registration requirements and any technical requirements.
  2. Identify your funding source.
    Many teleconferences have a registration or licensing fee, but some are free. There are also charges for the technical services provided by Educational Communications. You will need to identify the funding to pay for the license, if applicable, and technical services.
  3. Arrange for the downlink and a room for viewing the conference.
    After reviewing this page, click on the "request a teleconference downlink" button below to submit your request. In order to complete the request form, you will need to know the time and date of the conference and an estimate of the number of attendees expected.
  4. Register with the provider, if necessary.
    You may need to send or fax your license order or registration form to the teleconference provider.
  5. Promote the teleconference.
    It will be your responsibility to promote the conference on campus with colleagues, faculty, staff, etc.
  6. Make any additional arrangements, if necessary.
    It will be your responsibility to arrange for refreshments, catering, or other special needs if desired.

If you are prepared to proceed, you may "Request a Satellite Downlink."

RATES for Satellite Teleconferences

Satellite Downlink (C, KU, Digital) up to 3 hours $300
SUNYSat Downlink 1st hour $100
Additional downlink hours per hour $35
Teleconference recording per tape $20
Technical support (outside 8-5 weekdays) per hour $40

Video Conferences

Video conferences allow all participants to see and hear each other. Connections to remote sites are made using either ISDN phone lines or over the Internet, installed in over 35 rooms campus-wide. Connections can be made to any ISDN or IP based conferencing site around the world. Multipoint services enable conferencing to several sites simultaneously.

Video Conference Services

  • Point-to-point (conference with one other site)
  • Multipoint (conference with two or more other sites)
  • Conference Coordination (including site-searches, reservations, and testing)
  • Conference Operator (switching of multiple AV sources and camera operation)
  • Technical support (Complete support from set-up through entire conference)

RATES for Video Conferences

Video Conference (internal) per hour $50
Video Conference (external) per hour $125
Conference Operator per hour $25
Conference recording per tape $20
Technical support (outside 8-5 weekdays) per hour $40
Multipoint Bridging (internal) per site/hour $50
Multipoint Bridging (external) per site/hour $75
Video Conference (internal) per hour $50
Video Conference (external) per hour $125

Audio Telephone Conferences

Educational Communications can provide a special telephone interface set-up for effective telephone conferencing for medium to large groups. When an ordinary speakerphone will not suffice, this service provides louder, clearer sound, as well as special microphones appropriate for larger groups.

Audio Conference Services

  • Audio Conference (includes set-up of special equipment and instructions) $40
  • Dial in assistance
  • An audio conferencing bridge number is available for an additional $25 per hour, per block of up to 10 participants