Research Interests & Publications

Faculty Member Research Interests
Timothy Endy, MD, MPH Understanding the epidemiology and pathogenesis of viral hemorrhagic and encephalitic arboviruses, and host-vector interactions.
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Donald C. Blair, MD HIV Dementia, Tachycardia in HIV infected patients, Antibiotic Pharmacokinetic, and Antibiotic stewardship.
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Waleed Javaid, MD Antimicrobial Resistance, Influenza, Syndromic Surveillance, Fever physiology, and cytokines.
Mark Polhemus, MD A broad area of expertise in translational science, clinical infectious disease, and overseas research development and collaboration. Advances in Malaria.
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Tasaduq Fazili, MD Biomarkers of infection, Antimicrobial pharmacodynamics, Antimicrobial stewardship.