Additional IHS Services

Behavioral Health Services at Immune Health Services

Immune Health Services patients are eligible to receive behavioral health services on site. Patients may self refer, be referred by a treatment team member or an outside service agency.

On-site services are provided by our clinical social workers: Brian Amidon, LCSW, Tracey Gilgallon, LCSW and Cheryl Palmer, LMSW. The process begins with a treatment team member doing a mini-evaluation to determine the patient's needs.

If a patient has a history of non-compliance with appointments then he/she must meet with the Mental Health Care Manager, Martha Rodriguez, to complete the program intake. The goal of this intake is to identify possible barriers to care, to discuss treatment goals, and to develop a plan to address unmet needs so the patient can succeed in achieving their goals.

An attendance policy will be reviewed and will require each patient's signature prior to meeting with the clinical social workers.

If you have received services at another mental health program we will ask you to sign a release of information for those records.

A series of three intake visits with a clinical social worker is required prior to a patient being referred to our psychiatrist, Mitchell Langbart, MD.

All patients are actively involved in the development of their treatment plan and goals which the clinical social workers and patients review and update quarterly.

If you would like to receive mental health services at another program we will provide you with a list of area providers. Please ask a staff member.

Behavioral Health Services at Immune Health Services also offers support groups as needed. For more information on support groups please contact Cheryl Palmer, LMSW at 315 464-5533.

HIV & Hepatitis C (HCV) Co-Infection Treatment and Services

HIV and Hepatitis C co-infected patients are eligible to receive educational and support services designed to help prepare them for Hepatitis C treatment and support them during the treatment process. These services include education about HCV and treatment options, mental health assessment and treatment, substance abuse disorder assessment and referral for support services, treatment adherence services and peer mentor support.

Mental Health Services are provided by Brian Amidon, LCSW, Tracey Gilgallon, LCSW and Cheryl Palmer, LMSW.

Substance abuse disorder assessments and referrals are provided by Marilyn Brown-Shakir, a Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC).

Treatment adherence services are provided by the nursing staff.

Peer Mentor Support is provided by John Wikiera.

Linkage, Retention and Treatment Adherence (LRTA) Services

Linkage, Retention and Treatment Adherence Services are offered to IHS patients in a two tier model. Tier I services are offered to newly diagnosed patients, patients transferring their care to IHS and patients returning to care at IHS after and extended absence. Tier II services are offered to established patients who are not virologically suppressed or who continue to have trouble attending routine appointments. The LRTA team will work with patients to set up a plan of action for taking medications and monitoring progress. They offer education and training geared to the patient's individual needs. The LRTA team's goal is help patients be as healthy as possible while living with a chronic illness. This service is in addition to the support provided by the doctor, nurse practitioner and physician assistant.

For more information on any of the services listed above please ask your health care provider at the next appointment.