Meet Our Fellowship Faculty/Staff

Dr Endy
Timothy Endy, MD, MPH. FACP, COL (Ret), MC, USA, Program Director

Dr. Endy brings a breadth of knowledge in both Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease to our program; his dedication and passion for teaching and research are easily recognized by Students and Faculty alike. This energetic, approachable, yet disciplined atmosphere fosters a rich learning environment for our Fellows. Dr. Endy is an international expert in the field of dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever and emerging viral pathogens.

Dr Javid
Waleed Javaid, MD, Associate Program Director

Dr. Javaid brings a dedication to Infection Control, Practice Management, excellence in patient care, balanced with a dedication to teaching. His clinical interests are Antimicrobial Resistance, Influenza, Syndromic Surveillance, Fever Physiology and Cytokines.

Dr Fazili
Tasaduq Fazili, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine

Dr. Fazili has over 10 years of Infectious Disease experience. Dr. Fazili provides a combination of compassionate patient care and high quality educational experience, delivered in a particularly magnanimous manner. Dr. Fazili encourages an environment of scholarly activity for our Fellows to expand their knowledge of infectious disease.

Dr Blair
Donald Blair, MD,OCHD Bureau of Disease Control; TB Control

Dr. Blair brings a vast experience of over 30 years in the field of Infectious Disease. Dr. Blair fosters an environment of excellence in patient care, a structured and organization learning environment balanced with an excellence in teaching that is only found in a Professor with an expansive clinical and management experience. His clinical interests are-HIV care, Infectious Diseases consultation, and Tuberculosis control.

Dr Polhemus
Mark Polhemus, MD, Center for Global Health & Translational Science Medical Director, Chief of Infectious Disease VAMC, Syracuse

Dr. Polhemus has a broad area of expertise in translational science, clinical infectious disease, and overseas research development and collaboration. He is a Board Certified physician in the subspecialty of Infectious Diseases and Internal Medicine and did his residency and fellowship training at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC. His military career was spent performing a high level of translational research having spent 6 years at the Kenya Walter Reed Army Institute of Research overseas laboratory where he conducted clinical trials in malaria drugs and vaccines. His experience incorporated with a witty approachable style are an asset to our Research Department as well as our Fellowship program.

Michelle Scott
Michelle Scott, LPN Infectious Disease Associates-Fellowship Administrator

Michelle brings over 20 years of diversified patient care experience combined with a practical and efficient ability to manage both an out patient practice and the Fellowship Program. Her commitment to patient care and our Fellowship Program are an integral part of our training program.