Meet Our Fellows

PGY-5-2nd Year Fellows

Mohsena Amin, MD

Mohsena Amin, MD

What drew you to Upstate Medical University Infectious Disease?

Upstate Medical University was highly recommended as having an outstanding Infectious Disease Program. As well as an opportunity to work with and learn from highly experienced Infectious Disease Faculty.

Mitu Maskey

Mitu Maskey, MD

What is the best part of your experience at Upstate Medical University Infectious Disease?

I like working at Upstate Medical University for its diversity and hospitality, the smiling faces that greet me as I walk in each morning and the patients who never fail to inspire me however tasking my day might be!

PGY-5-1st Year Fellow

Tenzing Calden Sharngoe

Tenzing Calden Sharngoe, MD

Why did you choose to train as an Infectious Disease Physician?

I have been intrigued with how patients can present differently with Infectious Disease right from medical school. During residency, I was able to see more of it and that made me more determined to focus on a career in Infectious Disease and HIV in particular.