Temporary Agency Staff Orientation

Downtown Campus:

Contact: Tracie Wildner, Professional Development Advisor
Office: Jacobsen Hall, Room 417
Phone: 315 464-6125
Email: wildnert@upstate.edu

Upstate University Hospital at Community Campus:

Contact: Tracy Fenner
Office: Upstate University Hospital Community Campus OTD-HR
Phone:(315) 492-5654
Email: fennert@upstate.edu

Related Policies: E-06 Non-Employee/Contract Staff Orientation and Annual Training, CAMP B-15 Temporary Agency Placements

Non-Employees coming to Upstate Medical University are responsible for completing the following orientation materials:

Requirements for Forms:

  • ALL required forms should be returned to the department initiating the non-employee request within Self Serve.
  • The initiating department shall be responsible for entering into Self Serve Tracker and maintaining all documentation of required education/forms.
    • If the department is not able to enter into Self Serve Tracker, a COPY of the completed forms should be sent to OTD (JH Rm 417; fax 4-4400; email otd@upstate.edu) for Self Serve Tracker entry.

Additional Education Required for Temps at Upstate 4 Months or Longer

Safety at Work

Review the manual below and complete the appropriate post-test.
    SAW Manual PDF document
  • ALL Staff click the link above to the file: SAW Manual
  • SAW Section I & II: ALL STAFF review these sections
  • SAW Section III: LICENSED Staff That Provide Regular Care to Patients review this section in addition to sections I & II
  • Use the bookmarks to the left of the screen to navigate through the manual

Post Test: Complete for Training Credit

Right to Know Education

and Completion Certificate PDF document should be printed and mailed to Organizational Training & Development, Jacobsen Hall, Room 417.

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