Clinical Staff Orientation

Clinical Staff will be scheduled for each of the following orientation programs depending on their level of patient contact.

Clinical Hands On Provider Orientation (CHOP)

Contact: Cherie Kocan, Clinical Training & Development Specialist
Office: Jacobsen Hall, Room 417
Phone:315 464-4403

The Clinical Hands On Provider Orientation is for employees who regularly have contact with patients.

CITI Institutional Review Board (IRB) Course

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Institutional Review Board (IRB) course is to be completed by all clinical staff within 12 months of hire date.

Hendrich Falls Education

Required for all new nursing staff. More information

Nursing Services Orientation (NSO): University Hospital

Contact: Ellen Albanese, MS, RN-BC, FNP-BC
Phone: 315 464-5633

Nursing Services Orientation (NSO) is for Nursing and Nursing Support staff. Depending on your job title, you will be assigned to attend either part of or all of this 8-hour program.

  • When: Thursdays after NEO 7:30am - 4:00pm
  • Where: University Hospital, Room 1328B
  • 2015 Agenda  PDF document

Nursing Module Days

The Nursing Module Days are required for all new Nursing staff from both the Downtown and Community campuses. All Nursing and Nursing Support staff will be scheduled to attend Module Day Basic. RN’s only will be scheduled to attend Module Day Advanced. 

Module Day Basic

Contact: Susan Mulcahey

Module Day Advanced

Contact: Carol Hughes, RN, MS

Additional information about Nursing at Upstate.

Multidisciplinary Orientation (MDO)

Contact: Michele Spagnola
Phone: 315 464-5463

Specific licensed, inpatient staff members require Multidisciplinary Orientation. This education introduces new employees to interdisciplinary practice at SUNY Upstate Medical University. This course must be completed via Blackboard within 60-days of hire.


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