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Job Shadowing

Nursing Job Shadowing

Contact: Kathy Truex, Nursing Recruitment
Phone: 315 464-4810

Non-Healthcare Job Shadowing

All other shadowing requests should be handled by the individual requesting to shadow/the department agreeing to sponsor the individual.

For questions related to non-healthcare job shadowing policy, process, and/or required paperwork, please contact:

Contact: Tracie Wildner, Professional Development Advisor
Office: Jacobsen Hall, Room 417
Phone: 315 464-6125

Generally, job shadowing is an experience lasting up to three (3) days. If the department approves an extended period, the individual must be at least 18 years of age. This extended period shall be no longer than 1 to 2 weeks of observation time and shall follow the process outlined in policy V-06, Approved Non-Employee Hospital Visitor Access & Orientation PDF Icon Intranet Icon (Intranet only). If the individual requesting the job shadowing experience is seventeen (17) years of age or younger, the job shadowing experience must be limited to three (3) days or less.

Individual Responsibilities

Individuals requesting shadowing experiences at Upstate Medical University are responsible for directly contacting the department where they would like to shadow. Please visit our Building Locations and Directions webpage to view building directories in order to find departments, locations, and contact information (click on the building/location of interest, click the 'Services' tab at the top-right of the map).

If an Upstate department/staff member agrees to sponsor the shadowing experience being requested, the required education and forms at the bottom of this page need to be completed.

Department Responsibilities

Departments should reference Upstate's Job Shadowing Policy, J-01 PDF Icon Intranet Icon (Intranet Only).

The sponsoring department is responsible for ensuring the job shadowing individual completes all required education/forms and receives health clearance prior to beginning their shadowing experience.

The Health Clearance form ONLY should be submitted to Upstate's Employee Health Office. The sponsoring department must maintain all other required forms on file within the department for the duration of the shadowing experience.

Complete Prior to Job Shadowing Experience

Required Forms:

The Health Clearance form ONLY should be submitted to Upstate's Employee Health Office. Return all other required forms to the department/person sponsoring your job shadowing experience.

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