Online Employment System

Contact: Diane Hanna, Recruitment and Appointment Associate
Office: Jacobsen Hall, Room 215
Phone: 315 464-4930

To access the Online Employment System for Hiring Managers:

  1. Click on the link on the menu at left that reads
    "Hiring Manager Login"
  2. Click on the "Create User Account" in the blue column
  3. Complete the form, click on "Continue" and then "Confirm"
  4. In order for the account you create to be approved by HR, you will also need to complete the Hiring System Account Request Form. Once appropriate signatures are obtained, please fax the form to back to 4-4928.

Once your account is approved by HR, you will receive an auto email and you can log in with the username and password you've created.

If you need any help with the Online Employment system, please call Diane Hanna at 4-4930 or check out the Employment System Tutorial PDF document.