Assessing Results

Periodic MRIs are scheduled to detect shrinkage and other changes at the radiation site. The result of the Gamma Knife treatment appears over days, weeks or months after the treatment. Some of the lesions dissolve or sclerose gradually, while others cease to grow.

Gamma Knife radiosurgery destroys the ability of tumor cells to grow. Long-term studies have shown favorable success rates as follows:

Acoustic Neuromas 90-95% tumor control rate
AVMs 80-90% obliteration (2 yrs)
Glioblastoma Multiforme 25-35% mediian survival rate (2.5 yrs)
Meningiomas 95-97% tumor control rate
Metastases (all types) 95-98% control rate
Pituitary Tumors:
65-85% tumor control rate
90% tumor control rate
Trigeminal Neuralgia 80-85% good to excellent relief
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