Pathway to Wellness Committee Members

Name Department
Dr. K. Bruce Simmons, Chair Director Employee/student Health Service
Suzanne Brisk, MS, CW, Coordinator Pathway to Wellness Coordinator
Wanda M. Thompson Associate Senior VP of Operations,
Office of the President
Kaushal Nanavati Integrative Medicine, Family Medicine,
Cancer Center
Renae Rokicki Project and Strategic Planning Administrator,
Office of the President
Jodie Purdy Clinical Educator, Nurse Recruitment
Chuck Simpson Student Affairs-Student Unio
William Grant Executive Director, Emergency Medicine
Jill Thomas Associate Director Student Counseling, Psychiatry
Amber Smith Marketing and University Communications
Darcy DiBiase Marketing and University Communications
Sara Lee Ritchie Social Worker, Employee Assistance Program
Sue Henderson-Kendrick Graduate Medical Education
Joyce Mackessy Ancillary Service Line Administration, Hospital Administration
Valerie Beecher Ergonomics Specialist, Human Resources
Ellen Lockwood-Cook Ancillary and Administrative Services, CG
Deborah Herman Emergency Medicine
Rev. Terry Culbertson Reverend Spiritual Care
Wendi Ackerman Library Services
Cynthia Cary Coordinator of Smoking Cessation/Healthlinks
Dale Avers Assistant Professor, CHP Physical Therapy
Clyde Satterly Family Medicine
Patrice Keegen College of Nursing
Antoinette Smith Manager Ambularoty Services
Cindy Paikin Assistant to the Chair, Public Health
Karen Wentworth Guest and Volunteer Services
Dr. Donna Bacchi Public Health
Community Resources
Rebecca Bostwick Syracuse University
Kathy Turner Department of Health
Martha Ryan American Cancer Society
Student Representatives
Allison Poetzsch CHP PT, PM and R, Rehabilitation Therapies
Caitlin George CHP PT
Anne Reilley CHP PT, Fitness Assistant
Kristin Ottaviano CHP PT
Erik Shwarts COM
Cici Carter COM
Leesha Alex MPH
Katie Jones Student
Afton Kapuscinski Student Counseling Resident