The Versatile PhD

The Versatile PhD (VPhD) is a web-based resource that helps MS, PhD, and MD/PhD students investigate and pursue careers beyond academia. Through the VPhD site you can join a thriving, supportive, web-based community, and dialog with other 'Versatile PhDs' both inside and outside of academia. SUNY Upstate is an institutional subscriber, providing our graduate students with full access to the VPhD "PhD Career Finder." This includes:

  • Hiring Success Stories
  • Career Autobiographies
  • Panel Discussions

For more details, see the VPhD University Membership page.

Logging in to VPhD

For full access to the PhD Career Finder, click the link below and enter your Upstate Network ID and password. This will establish your affiliation with SUNY Upstate and take you to the VPhD login page. You will need to set up a VPhD account unless you already have one. The College of Graduate Studies does not track individual students' use of VPhD, only anonymous aggregate usage data.)

Access for Upstate students, postdocs, and faculty.
Off-campus access requires your Network ID and password.

Access for Upstate Alumni
Requires your supplied username and password.
Please send an email to to request an alumni password.