Jing Bi

Jing Bi

Name: Jing Bi

Home Country: China

Year in PhD Program: 4

PhD Degree-granting Program: Cell & Developmental Biology

PhD Advisor: Dr. Mira Krendel

Description of Research Project:
Myosin IE function in the kidney. Myole is a Class I long-tailed myosin that is broadly expressed in many tissue types with highest expression profile in kidney glomeruli and lymph nodes. It's mutations in the MYOIE gene in humans are associated with kidney disease. We have proposed that myole is involved in regulating actin cytoskeletal organization in kidney podocytes.

Favorite thing about SUNY Upstate:
I like the professors and the research they are doing. They are close and easy to talk to.

Favorite thing about Syracuse or Central New York:
Nature, hiking, wine trails

Email: bij@upstate.edu
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