Welcome to Gastroenterology

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Ronald D. Szyjkowski, MD
Philip G. Holtzapple, MD
Uma Murthy, MD
Sekou Rawlins, MD
Savio John, MD
Raja Vadlamudi, MBBS
Osman Arif, MBBS
Nasser Hajar, MBChB
Divey Manocha, MBBS
Elizabeth Dillon, RN
Shioban Reilley, RN
Kathleen Hill, RN

The gastroenterologists in our practice are dedicated to the prevention, evaluation, treatment, and management of patients with gastrointestinal disorders. We offer a comprehensive range of gastrointestinal services at our various office locations and are committed to providing excellent medical care in a comfortable and convenient environment.

Our gastrointestinal practice includes physicians and extenders who subspecialize in various aspects of gastroenterology and have the ability to consult with each other regarding patient diagnostic and treatment options. Our physicians also cross-cover hospitalized patients, discuss various treatment plans, and update their colleagues on the progress of all hospitalized patients under their care.

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