Welcome to the Medical Genetics Research Center

Dr. Stephen Farone
Dr. Stephen V. Faraone
Location: SUNY Upstate Medical University
3283 Weiskotten Hall
Syracuse, NY 13210
Email: GlattS@upstate.edu
Phone: 315 464-7742
Fax: 315 464-7744

The Medical Genetics Research Center (MGRC) at SUNY Upstate Medical University is an institution-wide collaboration of scientists and clinicians who are interested in the genetics of medical conditions, psychiatric disorders, behaviors, and other traits.

MGRC personnel represent many University Departments, including Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Pathology, Neuroscience and Physiology, and Medicine, among others. Studies currently undertaken in the MGRC employ a broad range of methods, from behavioral analysis to molecular biology. Particular emphasis presently is on disease- and risk-gene identification through genome-wide linkage and association, transcriptomic, epigenetic, and functional genomic analyses.