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Fifteen–year–old Morgan and her family used CaringBridge technology during her month-long stay at University Hospital. She especially enjoyed receiving daily printout messages from her teachers, classmates, family members and other friends. "Most of our family members live out of state," said Morgan's mom. "Instead of being tied to the telephone and away from Morgan's bedside, we can now use the computer in the hospital to send one message that will be received by the dozens of people who care about Morgan and her recovery."

If your child is a patient at University Hospital and you are interested in connecting through CaringBridge, please contact Senior Pediatric Chaplain, Louise Shepard at 315 464-5183 or go directly to External link and follow the directions for setting up your own site. The Spiritual Care Center does have a laptop that can be borrowed by pediatric patients and/or families if there is not one available on the floor.

A grant helps University Hospital connect pediatric patients with CaringBridge website.

University Hospital's Center for Spiritual Care Pediatric Chaplaincy program has become a sponsor of CaringBridge, a free, personalized and confidential website that connects loved ones during critical illness, treatment and recovery. With CaringBridge, families can post updates about their child's condition, journal their thoughts and feelings and receive communication from friends and families who otherwise might worry and wonder how things are going. "The technology serves as a ministry of connecting, building relationships, offering and receiving important spiritual and emotional support during a time of great stress, Rev. Louise Shepard, Senior Pediatric Chaplain said.

Support for the web–based service came from a $10,000 grant from the Wilbert Foundation. The hospital is one of only five in the nation to receive funding during this past year to support innovative new programs in pediatric chaplaincy. The Wilbert Foundation raises money to assist children's hospitals with existing children's chaplaincy programs affiliated with the National Association of Children's Hospitals and Related Institutions and the Pediatric Chaplains' Network.