Medications to Control Asthma

Long Acting Control Medications

These are medicines that are used every day to control asthma and prevent symptoms. You must take these medicines to prevent asthma symptoms, even when asthma is not a problem or seems better

Categories of long term medicines are:

  • Cortiscosteriods(inhaled or systemic)
  • Long acting beta 2 agonists
  • Cromolyn / nedocronil
  • Leukotriene modifiers: tablets
  • Theophylline

Quick Acting Medications

Quick relief medicines or rescue medicines are used to treat the symptoms of asthma when asthma flares-up or attacks

Categories of quick acting medicines:

  • Short acting beta 2 agonists
  • Anticholinergics—Inhaled and systemic corticosteroids—tablet or liquid
  • Systemic corticosteriods
  • Metered Dose Inhalers
  • Metered Dose Inhalers with Areo-chambers
  • Advair Diskus

Long Acting Asthma Medications

Brand names Generic Name
Beclovent beclomethasone
Vanceril beclomethasone
Vanceril-double strenght beclomethasone
Pulmicort Turbuhaler budesonide
Aerobid flunisolide
Aerobid-M flunisolide
Flovent fluticasone
Azmacort trimcinolone

Cromolyn and Nedocromil—Inhaled
Brand names Generic Name
Intal cromolyn sodium
Tilade nedocromil sodium

Leukotriene Modifiers—Tablets
Brand names Generic Name
Zyflo zileuton
Accolate zafirlukast
Singulair montelukast

Long Acting Beta 2—Agonists
Brand names Generic Name
Serevent salmetrol (inhaled)
Volumax PDF document albuterol (extended release tablet)
Proventil Repetabs PDF document albuterol (extended release tablet)
Xopenex levalbuterol

Theophylline—Tablets or Liquid
Aerolate III
Aerolare JR
Aerolare SR
Choledyl SA

Quick Acting Medications

Quick relief medicines or rescue medicines are used to treat the symptoms of asthma when asthma flares-up or attacks.

Short Acting Beta 2—Agonists—Inhaled
Brand Name Generic Name
Airet PDF document albuterol
Proventil PDF document albuterol
Proventil HFA PDF document abluterol
Ventolin PDF document albuterol
Ventolin Rotacaps PDF document albuterol
Maxair pirbuterol
Brethaire terbutaline

Brand Name Generic Name
Atrovent iptatropium bromide

Steriods—Tablets or Liquid
Brand Name Generic Name
Medrol Methyprednisolone
Prednisone prednisone
Deltasone prednisone
Orasone prednisone
Liquid Pred prednisone
Prednisone Intensol prednisone
Prelone prednisolone
Pediapred prednisone

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