The Danny Weaver Memorial Fund

Danny Weaver

In the early 1990s, a little two-year-old patient named Danny Weaver charmed many people at University Hospital. For four years Danny’s fight for survival was encouraged and supported by the pediatric staff at University Hospital. Danny spent many days and nights at this wonderful facility with the hope of curing all the medical problems experienced by this courageous little boy. Unfortunately this was not to be. Perhaps God needed a very special angel.

As the family of Danny Weaver, we will never forget what it was like to spend countless days and nights at the hospital. Many times our only glimmer of hope was the delightful smile on the face of our son and his indomitable spirit. Danny also brought encouragement to many other parents with sick children. His courage and positive attitude gave them hope that there might be light at the end of the tunnel.

It is our hope that Danny’s spirit will live on through the Danny Weaver Memorial Fund. We created this fund to make the lives of families with hospitalized children a little easier. Sometimes having a little extra money to pay for a special dinner, parking, transportation or accommodations can make a real difference in the very stressful lives of parents of young patients.

We encourage others to contribute to the Danny Weaver Memorial Fund in the knowledge that they will be brightening the lives of others–just as Danny did during his all too brief life.