COAT (Community Oriented Advocacy Training)

Phone: 315 464-5800

The COAT program was developed in response to the belief that pediatricians have responsibilities to children which go beyond the traditional doctor–patient relationship. This unique program offers pediatric residents a practical approach to advocacy training while addressing the problems of local children.

COAT provides hands-on advocacy experience and teaches residents how to assess community needs and develop relationships with community agencies. All pediatric residents are assigned to one of three teams, each with a pediatric faculty mentor. There is a nine–member advisory board of faculty and community professionals.

COAT projects have included:

  • Risk reduction for in–home accidents
  • Self–help programs for adolescents to address concerns such as violence in schools
  • Teen pregnancy and drug use
  • Smoking prevention
  • Nutrition education for day care workers
  • Prevention program for shaken baby head injuries