Pre-operative Planning

Questions about Pre-anesthesia Testing (PAT):
Phone: 315 464-9658
Questions specific to the surgical procedure should be directed to your child's surgeon.
For all other questions, call the Center for Children's Surgery
Phone: 315 464-3636

Insurance Pre-authorization

Call your insurance provider as soon as your child's procedure is scheduled and complete all necessary insurance pre-authorization for diagnostic and medical treatment (surgeon, hospital, and anesthesiologist).


Before your child's admission an appointment will be made for pretesting:

  • A healthcare provider will perform a history and physical exam.
  • You will be receiving instructions about preparation before the procedure, including NPO (period without food) Guidelines regarding your child's food and fluid intake the night prior to and the morning of the surgery, and aftercare instructions. Please ask at this time if you have any concerns about any of the instructions. This may mean such things as play, school limitations or home care needs.
  • You will be asked to sign an operative permit which is the legal document consenting to the procedure. You are encouraged to read this document carefully and ask questions about any part of it before signing. When you sign the document, someone other than the doctor doing the procedure will witness it.
  • You will also receive information about the child's hospital stay, as well as options for overnight lodging in Syracuse for families that are traveling great distances to get to the hospital. A tentative time will be given to report to the hospital as well as directions on the admission process the morning of the procedure.
  • You will also be meeting with a Physician's Assistant, Nurse Practitioner or Anesthesia resident who will discuss the anesthesia to be provided to you child during surgery. You will be asked to provide information concerning your child's allergies, past and present medical illnesses, and any other surgeries he/she has had. A written list of medications and dosages that your child is taking would be helpful to the doctors and nurses that are planning for his/her care.
  • Screening tests such as lab work or x-rays may be ordered. Not all children require this testing.

Pre-operative Program

Contact: Child Life Program
Phone: 315 464-7506

Coming to the hospital can be a scary time for children and parents alike. Because Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital understands your concerns about surgery and anesthesia, we have organized the Pre-operative Program for you and your child.

Contact: Child LIfe Program: 315 464-7506

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