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Family Behavior Analysis Clinic

The Family Behavior Analysis Clinic uses the basic principles of learning and behavior analysis to assess and treat behavior problems displayed by children with developmental disabilities. Children appropriate for this clinic are those who are at risk for a change in their living or school placement or whose behaviors put them or their family at serious risk for diminished health.

Contact Information

600 East Genesee St. Maps and Directions
Address: Rm. 130, 600 East Genesee St., Syracuse, NY 13210
Phone: 315 464-3950
Fax: 315 464-3944
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Conditions Treated

  • Aggression
  • Food selectivity/refusal
  • Noncompliance
  • Property destruction
  • Self-injurious behavior [self mutilation]
  • Tantrum
  • Toileting difficulties

Clinical Services Provided

  • Applied behavior analysis
  • Behavior modification
  • Feeding therapy
  • School consultation

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