Life in the Hospital

Access to information

Details of your child's condition and treatment should be kept confidential by hospital staff, unless the law requires that such information be given to some person or authority, or as required for coordination of care with treatment.

If you would like to see your child's medical file please ask your nurse and she will arrange for you to view the record with a health professional.

ATM (Automatic Teller Machine)

There are automatic teller machines in the lobby of University Hospital, in the Physician's Office Building, 725 Irving Ave., and in nearby banks.

Breast Feeding Room (Lactation Room)

We are very interested in supporting the breast-feeding mother. In the event your baby is unable to nurse, you are encouraged to pump and save your milk.

We have a dedicated lactation room with an electric pump and attachments for your use. The room provides a private and quiet environment. If you are breast feeding your child, please let your nurse know and she will order meals for you. This will help you maintain proper nutrition and keep your milk flowing.


There are several lounges in the children's hospital that provide family & other visitors some quiet space away from the patient's room and a chance to network with other visitors. The lounges have vending machines, which are different in each lounge area, a refrigerator, sink and microwave, laundry facilities and showers for the convenience of the visitors.

Finding Food

There are a number of alternatives for food:

  • Vending machines in the lounges
  • Refrigerator and microwave in the lounge if you want to bring food from home
  • Food at University Hospital
  • Numerous restaurants in the Marshall Street area, one block east of the children's hospital

Activity Rooms

Age specific play and activity rooms are a feature of the new hospital. Toys and activities are available to help make your child's hospital stay less frightening and maintain some amount of normalcy while in the hospital. There is a special activity room just for teens with electronic equipment and games they will enjoy. There is also a multisensory activity room that will be used by our Child Life Specialists and other healthcare providers for therapeutic purposes.

Please contact your Child Life Specialist for any individual needs your child may have. They can be reached at 315 464-9063.

Room Changes

A room is assigned according to your child's needs. At times it may be necessary to move your child to another room or unit. An alteration in your child or another child's condition may require such a change. When your child is moved to another room, you will be notified as soon as possible. At times the room change may occur before you have been notified.

Cellular Phones Prohibited

Cellular phones can interfere with electronic medical equipment. Please do not use your phone inside the hospital. On each unit, phones are provided for parent's use. If long distance calls need to be made, please have a calling card ready. If you do not have one, please contact your Patient Service Leader (Nurse) for help.

Safety and Security

Security officers patrol Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital regularly. All staff wear identification badges. From time to time, staff may ask visitors to identify themselves. After 6 PM, you will be asked to obtain a visitor's pass in the main lobby of the hospital. This is to help identify people that may be staying the night in case of an emergency.

For your safety please do not leave your valuables unattended. If you need to leave the hospital at night please do not walk alone. Security will escort you to your car if needed.

School Room

The Luke Frechette classroom is staffed by a full-time, certified hospital school teacher. The hospital school program can offer a familiar routine and normal activity for children and teens in the hospital. We also have computer access for the children's needs.

Television Services

Televisions and PlayStations are provided at no cost for any child in the hospital. We also have a wide variety of VCRs and movies to help the time pass. If your child has a favorite movie, you may bring it with you. Due to the different ages of our patients, no movies rated higher than PG-13 are allowed in the units.