For some people thinking of going into academic medicine, or who have a particular interest in a sub-specialty, the opportunity to do research during their residency can be attractive.  The faculty in pediatrics has been very supportive in helping residents with case reports, small clinical research studies, and even bench research.  With the elective months, it is very feasible to structure time to do research in a specific area. Please see our biannual department report. PDF document

Dr. Meguid and Dr. Fadoul presenting a resident research poster at a national AAP meeting

Club Med helps develop an understanding and appreciation for research and critical literature review, but nothing beats actually doing it yourself. From designing and implementing a research project to writing up grant proposals, submitting abstracts to peer-reviewed journals, and presenting your research in public, you can do it all here. Residents have been involved in projects that have ranged from smoking cessation interventions to testing monoclonal antibodies against RSV, and if you're willing to do the work you can generally find a supportive faculty member to help you with whatever you need.

There are monthly research conferences as part of the departmental schedule, and there are plenty of opportunities to discuss any original work at the PL-1 talks and Grand Rounds warm-ups. There is an annual research day where students, residents and faculty present their work. Our department actively participates at national meetings such as the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) meeting or the Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY), and it's not unusual for a resident or two to have posters or talks at these meetings.

Below is a partial list of some past resident publications or presentations from the pediatric department—resident names are highlighted.

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