The People

Our program has always been regarded as a place where friendly and collegial relationships flourish between faculty and house staff.

Pediatric Residency Program Directors

The directors of our Pediatric Residency Program guide your education and experience to help you be the best physician you can be. In nearly all experiences, residents work directly with the attending physicians.


The faculty of the Pediatrics department upholds the highest standards for clinical excellence, education and research. The program draws on the talents of more than 45 full-time Pediatric Faculty with a wide range of Subspecialties.

Chief Residents & House Staff

house staff
The Chief Residents and Housestaff are the future of Pediatrics. (Click for close-up)

We currently have 43 residents - 15 PL1s, 14 PL2s, and 14 PL3s. We also have two chief residents. Our residents are recruited from the top universities across the globe. We try to attract residents whose broad and diverse interests and backgrounds match well with our team placing a premium on personality, communication skills and open-mindedness. We are truly a diverse global group!


Upon completion of the Residency Program, about half of our residents have chosen further fellowship training, while the other half join primary care practices, and careers in community care and public health.