Resident Presentations

PL-1 talk resident

In addition to interacting with professionals through conferences and presentations, throughout the year, residents are required to conduct numerous presentations on their own. These opportunities allow the resident to conduct research in their areas of interest and assert their professionalism in the field.

PL-1 Talks

The PL-1 talk is a 45 minute conference about a pediatric topic. This is an excellent learning experience as the intern can choose an area of interest to research and present. The topics of presentation have ranged from nutrition to infectious disease to pain management and hypnosis. The intern talk is a great time to discuss mutual academic interests with attending physicians and other experts in a given field.

OPD Conferences

OPD conferences, are led by the residents currently in the OPD rotation. They are held Friday mornings at 8 am. These conferences are case based and illustrate an interesting patient based case seen in clinic during the week. The clinic faculty attend these conferences and add much insight and thought.

Friday Noon Conferences

The Friday noon case conferences are led by residents, chief residents, or attending faculty. They include a variety of topics such as complex medical cases, morbidity and mortality cases, and research presentations. Residents, medical students, and faculty attend these weekly conferences.

Morbidity and Mortality

These monthly conferences are led by a third-year resident and attended by faculty, residents, and medical students. All participate in an interactive discussion of a specific case in order to improve patient care.

Grand Rounds Warm Ups

The Grand Rounds Warm Ups are a 15-minute presentation prior to the Grand Rounds lecture performed by a PL-3. Each PL-3 presents three to four Grand Rounds Warm Ups each year. The talks are also on topics opportunities in front of various levels of medical professionals with various educational backgrounds.

Board Review Sessions

Each month the pediatric house staff attends board review sessions given by the chief resident. The material covers the content specifications listed in the AAP's PREP the curriculum guidebooks. Each session is given in an interactive format which promotes discussion of the material. The entire curriculum is covered on an annual basis.